PM Mitsotakis attends Vespers Service in Tinos

Screen Shot 2019 07 14 at 7.25.23 am

Screen Shot 2019 07 14 at 7.25.23 am

Greece’s new Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has taken his first official break as PM, to spend 24 hours with his family on the Holy Island of Tinos.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis travelled to the Cyclades on Saturday afternoon with his wife Mareva and their three children Sophia, Constantine and Daphne.

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Shortly after their arrival, the PM attended the Vespers service at ‘Our Lady of Tinos’ church, where he was warmly welcomed by the Metropolitan of Syros and Tinos, Dorotheos.

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Mitsotakis stopped and spoke with other parishioners before he entered the church and worshipped the icon of Panagia.

He also said a special prayer at the icon of Agios Constantinos and Agia Eleni, as this icon was donated to the church by Mitsotakis' parents.

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The Prime Minister is only spending 24 hours on the island and is expected to arrive back in Athens on Sunday.

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