Marina Konstantinou becomes the first female captain of the Greek Air Force Academy

Marina Konstantinou

Marina Konstantinou

Marina Konstantinou has written history becoming the first female to be appointed head of the Greek Air Force Academy, the Scholi Ikaron.

"This school is a combination of willingness, conscious choice, study and skills. From high school, I got the idea and I could not think what else I would like to do in my life," Marina stated.

The chief warrant officer continued to state that she was not afraid of the fact that the air force is a male-dominated field, as she believes "that anyone who sets a goal that they really want and willing to make small sacrifices, they will succeed.”

The inauguration ceremony took place in front of the President of the Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos, political and military leaders of the Ministry of National Defence, as well as family and friends.

Marina entered the Greek Air Force Academy in 2016 second in her class. Three years later at the ceremony, the head of the class of 2019 pilot officers handed over the military flag to Marina Konstantinou.