27-year-old Cretan man admits to raping and killing American biologist

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Police authorities have confirmed the 27-year-old Cretan man arrested over the weekend for the slaying of 60-year-old American biologist Suzanne Eaton, has admitted to raping and killing the victim, telling authorities, “sometimes something comes over me and I want to hurt people.”

During a police briefing in Chania this morning, regional police director, Nikos Lagoudakis said the autopsy showed that the body of the 60-year-old American had signs of "violent crime and sexual abuse".

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*Victim Suzanne Eaton

Eaton, a 60-year-old molecular biologist, was attending a conference in Crete when she went missing on July 2. Her body was found six days later in a tunnel used as a storage site during World War II.

Press Officer Eleni Papathanasiou also stated that the 27-year-old farmer admitted when he saw the victim, he hit her twice with his car, then pulled her unconscious into the trunk of his vehicle before taking her to a depot, where he raped and killed her.

After throwing his victim’s body into a tunnel, the assailant went to a nearby cemetery, where he attempted to clean his car and get rid of any evidence.

Police have also revealed the 27-year-old man is a father of two children and the son of a local priest.

*Image source: Creta Post 

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