Mitsotakis plans to kill off Greece’s strangling red-tape

Kyriakos Pierrakakis

The newly elected Mitsotakis government plans to simplify the relationship between the Greek State, its citizens and business by simplifying processes, digitisation and less red tape said Digital Governance Minister, Kyriakos Pierrakakis on Sunday in Parliament.

"The simplification of the procedures is not only related to their digitilization," the minister stressed and added that it is also a series of actions aiming at transforming the citizens' experience with the public.

Therefore, the ministry will take the initiative to develop a National Framework for Simplifying Procedures and Reducing Bureaucracy. At the same time, the government is aiming at the strengthening and updating of the Citizens' Service Centres (KEP).

"KEP are among the most successful institutions of the Greek state and enjoy the trust of Greek citizens. However, in recent years they have been neglected. We are bringing this institution back to the forefront. We will strengthen it in order to make the best possible use of it. In this context, we will reassess the services they provide, review their operating framework in order to modernize it. We will upgrade their infrastructure to the standards of the best private service structures," Pierrakakis said.

The Minister also referred to the wireless networks. As he said, the antenna licensing bill is of paramount importance for investment in wireless networks, especially with regard to upcoming 5G networks, and therefore "a three-decade issue will soon close in order to encourage investment in a coordinated and predictable way, upgrading services for the benefit of citizens."

On space policy, the minister said that it concerns the national security of the country, its development policy, such as the intelligent agriculture programmes, the civil protection of the country, the strengthening of the domestic high-tech industry. "It must not be a field for exaggeration. It must be an area to invest with a plan, a practical approach, international alliances and definitely no superficial approaches," he concluded.