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Greek tavern owner told UK’s new Prime Minister “You’d make a beautiful doll”

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The owner of a Greek tavern at one of Boris Johnson’s favourite eateries in Greece has told Euronews that she once told the UK’s new Prime Minister that he would “make a beautiful doll, that would look just like Barbie,” thanks to his hair.

Nikoleta Koutlaga, who runs a family tavern in Argalasti in Thessaly, near the UK Prime Minister’s family villa in nearby Horto was not shy about commenting on the PM’s famous locks.

“I told him about his hair, that it is quite long and floppy. He laughed. I told him, ‘If you were a girl, you would be a very beautiful doll, you would look like Barbie,” Koutlaga told Euronews’ Apostolos Staikos.

Stanley Johnson, the PM’s father, built a villa in the early 2000s in Horto, and the family has visited several times since then.

Locals told Euronews that Nikoleta’s restaurant was one of Boris’ favourites in the area and that he loves her homemade Greek dishes.

Johnson won the race to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and was installed as UK Prime Minister on Wednesday.

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*Source: Euronews