Greek MPs forced to abide by own anti-smoking law

Greek MPs forced to abide by own anti-smoking law 2

Lawmakers are being forced to abide by smoking bans in enclosed public spaces, nine years and ten months after the ban came info effect.

This includes Greek parliament where MPs will no longer be able to light up a cigarette in the halls or at the building’s cafe, a few metres from the legislative chamber where deputies had once voted to ban smoking in all public spaces, including the 300-seat House.

Greek PM Mitsotakis is a fan of the smoking ban and is determined to enforce the prohibition George Papandreou sought to implement almost a decade ago. The crackdown, a priority for his government.

“The enforcement of laws is an issue that applies to us all,” he told school children visiting his residence last week.

“Of course the state is beholden to implement laws but they must reflect the maturity of a society itself and its desire to change,” he added.

Health Minister Vassals Kikilias has also sent a memo to regional authorities in Greece to remind them of the government’s intention to impose the 2008 law banning smoking in all indoor public spaces.

After parliament imposes its ban, ministries, hospitals, schools, sports arenas, indoor bars, restaurants, cafes and other public services will follow.