A large roofless room in Heraklion that features a double bed, sofa and a fireplace has become one of the most unique properties available on Airbnb.

Named “Summer Bed Under the Stars” and hosted by a lady in Crete, the owner says it is  a spot where you can “dream under 1000 stars while sleeping in the open air in a nice and cozy bed!”

Located 100 meters from the sea and 13 km to the main town Heraklion, the small premises offers a communal toilet, shower, and kitchen.

The exact location of this Airbnb room is at Palaiokastro-Rogdia, “a small beautiful bay, up on the mountain lays the village of Rogdia with an amazing view all over the bay of Heraklion,” says the host.

The “Summer Bed under the Stars” has recently received a lot of reviews and the first available date is now December 16, 2019.

The property is available for around 35 euro per night, with an extra 3 euro for cleaning. The amenities, however, do not include air-conditioning, television, heating or a fire alarm.

“We stayed one night in the beautiful garden and slept in the open air on a sweet and romantic bed, we could stay in this garden forever,” said one guest.