Xronia Polla STAN, who turns 32 today



STAN, one of Greece’s most loved and talented singers/songwriters, was born on the 1st August 1987 and turns 32 today!

The young singer’s musical journey started in 2009 writing the lyrics to Vegas’ (a Greek group) song “Giati.” In 2011, STAN made his official debut as a singer with his single “An mou Ftanan ta Lefta.”

Some of STANS well known and loved songs include “Paraxeno Paidi”, “Otan Agapas”, “Kai Zilevo pou S’exei”, “Se Thelo Edo”, “Oti Pio Omorfo Exo Dei”, “Kati Teties Nixtes” and “Eisai aparetiti”.

He is currently touring with Natasa Theodoridou, performing at different Greek islands over the summer.

STAN always gives the audiences a fun, wild and unforgettable performance!

Xronia Polla STAN!

To celebrate, STAN’s latest single ”De Me Xeris”, which is his summer anthem for 2019, is on repeat:

STAN – Δε Με Ξέρεις