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AG Design Agency

AG Design Agency

AG Design Agency is a multi award winning design agency launched by Alexander Gavrilakis in 2016, that delivers great design and brand communications across industries and categories, products and services, continents and cultures.

Alexandros believes that in order to build a successful brand you have to live it before you try to create it. “You need to get to its core, to understand it, to feel its energy. Only then you can make it seem effortless.”

He is passionate about creating brands that serve their purpose, collaborating with people who inspire him and incorporating some of his life experiences into creating brands that are truthful, innovative and beautiful.

Levantes Family Farm

Most recently, AG Design Agency collaborated with Levantes Family Farm, based on the need of creating a visual Story for a new product line, representing the family’s values and experiences.

Levantes is a family farm in Evvoia, Greece which produces artisan small-batch Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“From the very beginning, we interviewed all family members, which helped us understand their roles and responsibilities better. In order to be able to demonstrate that on the product line, we had to photograph and illustrate each family member on a typical day at work. At Levantes Family Farm, each member has a very strategic role in the production of an excellent small batch crop. Mr. Kyriakos plows the field, Mrs. Stellina handpicks the fruits from the trees and Markos carefully separates the leaves from the fruits. The Farm is its people and we wanted to represent that on the packaging as well as the overall communication of the family business.”

From the the Levantes Family Farm Packaging series creation, AG Design Agency was awarded with a coveted bronze ADC Cube in New York City at the ADC 98th Annual Awards. The near century long Art Directors Club of New York is the world's foremost non-profit organisation, recognising creative excellence in advertising and design.

The series was also awarded the silver prize in the 2019 Dieline Awards, one of the most competitive packaging design awards, which was held in Chicago. This year alone, Dieline received nearly 1.500 entries from over 20 countries around the world, and only 94 entries received an award. 

“We are thrilled to have won such honorable awards amongst such great talent. It was a privilege for us to get to know the Levantes Family and create a visual story for their product line that represents their family values to the core. We were proud with the final outcome of this project and winning two prestigious awards came to validate our team’s efforts and work,” Alexander stated.

The multi award winning design agency also joined forces with Viva Wallet Group to help with their continuing European expansion by redefining their brand identity.

Viva Wallet Group

“The bespoke font designed for the identity is based on a modern geometric sans serif, giving the brand name perfect readability in both screen and print environments. The color palette raises the vitality of banking products, with each tint acting as a categorization tool between Viva Wallet’s services, while at the same time, reminds all familiar users with the stability and trust Viva carried out through its previous visual identity. The Viva Wallet logo, the wordmark and the tone of voice for the new brand, communicate a friendly, fresh yet dynamic company that is truly, open to all payments.”

The company’s intention for the years to come is to expand their "dynamic assembly of diverse & creative talents, fostering a successful collaboration with businesses across the globe who share a passion for problem solving and marvelously well-made, human-centered design."

“We work with a select few clients at a time and we go wherever a project might take us. We are designing for a better world and creating experiences that benefit people, businesses and the environment. This means we are looking to work with people and businesses who are truthful and communicate with clarity and directness," Alexander continued.