The Pancretan Association of Melbourne attends the 9th International Convention of the World Council of Cretans

Pancretan Heraklion

Pancretan Heraklion

What a spectacular bang to the beginning of the 9th International Convention of the World Council of Cretans in Heraklion.

All the way from Australia, the Pancretan Association of Melbourne performed in front of thousands of spectators at the Γιορτή Μαλβαζιας.

The Greek Australians enjoyed performing every minute in front of Cretans that gathered from all around the world at Karavolas.

Likewise, the crowd enjoyed seeing how young Cretans abroad have maintained and are passionate about their roots.

The three hour spectacular also featured the ‘Λαογραφικός Όμιλος Λάζαρος & Μανόλης Χνάρης’.

Dancing to the beat of live music by well known bands including Kostas Kakoudakis, Mihalis Petsakis, Kostas Fasoulas and Kostas Kallergis, the Pancretan Association of Melbourne also performed Σούστα, Ανωγειανός and Τριζαλης together with Cretans from Germany, America and Europe. It was special to see how Cretans abroad came together to celebrate their cultural identity, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

*Watch a snippet of the performance here:

The following day two members from the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Dimitris Papadodimitrakis and Socrates Tsourdalakis were honoured with awards for their contribution and service to the Cretan community in Oceania.

After months of preparation, the final day of the convention was a sad but joyful day of celebration, Cretan style at the village of Krousonas.

The morning began with church service at the Archdiocese of Crete Cathedral Agios Minas and was followed by a visit to the Museum of Greek folk music, musical instruments, research and documentation in the historical mountainous village of Krousonas.

Housed in a renovated traditional village house, the museum showcases Cretan traditional musical instruments and put on a special musical performance for attendees.

Following the cultural, musical Cretan immersion, lunch was hosted at Γαλήνη.

After enjoying the amazing Cretan food (including the pilafi), everyone squished together on the small dance floor to dance and celebrate the end of a fantastic and memorable weekend.

No one said goodbye at the end, but rather “see you soon”.