Greek authorities search for British astrophysicist missing on Ikaria

Natalie Christopher

Natalie Christopher

Greek authorities have launched a major search operation on the Aegean island of Ikaria for a British astrophysicist, Natalie Christopher who was reported missing on Monday after she went for a morning run and failed to return.

According to reports, authorities have also found blood on the hotel bed where the 34-year-old scientist was staying with her boyfriend, however it is not yet known if it was from a nosebleed or the result of trauma.

Natalie was reported missing by her boyfriend hours before the couple was set to fly back to Cyprus where they live, after holidaying on the island since August 3rd, 2019.

She had reportedly left her hotel room to go running in Kerame, Ikaria at 8am. According to reports, her 38-year-old boyfriend had spoken to Natalie while she was out running through the rocky landscape, but when she failed to answer his follow up calls, he became worried and notified police about her disappearance around noon.

Police, firefighters, the coast guard, a helicopter and volunteers have been searching the area where she was known to go running, however no leads have been discovered.