Krazy Kon collaborates with Master Tempo for summer hit song “Διακοπές στο Miami”

Krazy kon and tempo

Krazy kon and tempo

Just in case you haven’t seen or heard, Australia's leading Greek DJ and producer, Krazy Kon has collaborated with popular Greek artist, Master Tempo for the first time to release summer hit song “Διακοπές στο Miami”.

This project, Krazy Kon states was almost three years in making. “We first discussed the possibilities of collaborating on a track in 2016 when we played in Los Angeles together. Master Tempo and I have a great friendship and working relationship. We respect each others careers and achievements. I have brought him to Australia 3 times in 2014, 2016 and recently in 2018. He is great singer/songwriter, producer and an even better person. When the opportunity came up a few months ago to work with him on a new track it was a dream come true and something we both desired.”

The “dream collaboration” has been played on Greek radio stations and clubs across Greece, Cyprus, USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Two weeks after the catchy tune was released, it had over 300,000 views on YouTube.

“The film clip was a lot of fun to make and its our fingerprint for the summer 2019,” Australia's leading Greek DJ and producer continued.

*Watch the video clip here-