The Pancretan Association of Melbourne performs at Asi Gonia

Asi Gonia

 Asi Gonia

Continuing their tour around Crete, the Pancretan Association of Melbourne performed at Asi Gonia, a mountainous village in the eastern region of Chania.

Dedicated to the people of Asi Gonia from all over the world, the evening was both emotional and spectacular.

The night featured Mandolinata (choir from Chania), the local village dance group, musicians- Manoli Aggelakis, Giorgos Koukakis, Andreas Meladakis, Nikos Kexagiadakis & Mihalis Lymakis and the Pancretan Association of Melbourne, who all made the panayiri unforgettable.

Antonis Tsourdalakis, former president of the World Council of Cretan’s felt humbled that his mother’s village honoured him for his contribution to the Hellenic community of Oceania.

The president of the Pancretan Association of Melbourne, Mr. John Nikolakakis was also honoured for his contribution.

Before the panyiri started, the dancing group from Melbourne had the opportunity to visit the Cretan Runner Museum.

The Museum celebrates the life and achievements of George Psychoundakis, a Greek Resistance fighter.

The group got to see important documents, books, photos, missions with friends and colleagues and other various personal objects of George's.

Throughout the night, the Battle of Crete and Greece Commemorative Council of Victoria was given the opportunity to commend and recognise the Cretan Runner Museum and in particular ‘Mandataforos George Psychoundakis’.

*Watch the Pancretan of Melbourne senior dancing groups performance here-