Coroner’s report reveals British Astrophysicist died from fall

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Dr Natalie Christopher

A Greek coroner announced that 34-year-old British astrophysicist Natalie Christopher died instantly after falling from a great height on the Greek the island of Ikaria.

Coroner Nikos Karakoukis arrived on Thursday morning to the island to examine the woman’s body on site before it is removed.

Karakoukis said that “the results of the autopsy indicate a fall from a great height” adding that “she died instantly” and told reporters that Christopher hads uffered a head injury and died instantly.

The body will be transferred to Athens on Thursday where a detailed examination will be conducted.

The coroner also explained that all evidence indicates an accidental fall, as no other bloodstains were found, except the one under the victim’s head, adding that there was no evidence of foul play.

Dr Christopher went missing in Ikaria on Monday morning hours before she and her Cypriot partner were due to fly back to their home in Nicosia.

Rescuers found her body on Wednesday at the bottom of a ravine in an area known as Katafygi.

A large rock – which may have been dislodged by her in the fall – appeared to have crushed her.

Search teams left the body there overnight so a coroner can examine her in the morning as police refused to rule out foul play.

The 20-meter ravine is about a mile from where the couple was staying at a hotel in Kerame in the north of the island.