Tasos Isaac's daughter gives a moving speech about the injustices in Cyprus

Tasos Isaac's daughter

Tasos Isaac's daughter

Motorcyclists and members of the Isaac Solomou Memory Initiative from all the cities of Cyprus, gathered at the Deryneia barricade on the weekend.

The Deryneia barricade in Cyprus has a historical significance. Tasos Isaac and Solomos Solomou were killed by Turkish occupying forces in the Deryneia buffer zone in August 1996.

The event which marked 23 years since 1996, was organised by Tasos Isaac's daughter, Anastasia, who has been a member of the Isaac-Solomou Memorial Initiative in recent years and is following the motorcyclist's path.

“We are locked in our ego, we digest crimes, we simplify events so that we can reconcile with them. We are characterized by inaction. We accept and ignore the continuing crime against our country," Anastasia Isaac said.

"The killers are christened 'Members' and 'Ministers'. My father's killer is boasting about his seat in the pseudonym. The killer of Salmon Solomon lives undisturbed in the occupied territories. And we are opening the barricades of shame and begging the international organizations to protect us, "he said, recalling that the Interpol warrant has been on the shelves for 23 years. "I wonder how long we will wait for justice," she continued.

"Twenty-three annual commemorations and yet every year we also commemorate justice. And I really wonder: If my father and Solakis died today would they be considered heroes or accused of chauvinism? Would anyone cry for their sacrifice or would they be accused of spoiling the good climate?"

* Watch Anastasia Isaac share with the attendees her thoughts and feelings about the sacrifice of her father and of Salomos Solomou in August 1996.

Video credit: Lemesos TvNews