Authorities have alerted citizens of a full scale fire ravaging Evia and in particular the well-known pine forest, Natura, which is a wildlife refuge.

A short time ago, authorities instructed residents of Stavros and Kondodopati villages to be ready and take preventive action if necessary, as the flames headed in their direction were fuelled by strong winds.

The same thing happened earlier this morning at Makrymalli, where the residents gathered in the town square, but there was no final evacuation as the authorities deemed the situation no threatening. Only three monks were pre-emptively asked to leave the monastery of Makrimmalis Panagia Theotokos, which was not subject to any fire damage.

“Residents of nearby villages have been alerted and are on the alert to evacuate when ordered as instructed by the Fire Department. Their evacuation is a matter of minutes. We are full alert from the first moment and fully prepared,” said Evia’s deputy regional governor and new Central Greek regional governor Fanis Spanos.