Ecumenical Patriarch prays for fire-stricken Greece and Turkey

Ecumenical Patriarch

Ecumenical Patriarch

The spiritual head of the world’s orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew today expressed his deep sorrow over chaos and destruction caused from the fires ravaging both Greece and Turkey.

“I would like to express our regret, of course, for the great fires that have broken out in Euboea, mainly in other parts of Greece, and here in Turkey, in Prokinisos, in Eskisehir, and wish that God will save us all from the scourge of fires,” he said.

Patriarch Bartholomew headed the liturgy in the evening of the Feast of the Assumption of our Lady at the church of The Assumption of our Lady in his village in Imbros, which was attended by the Metropolitan of Myron Chrysostom, the Consul General of Greece in Constantinople; Georgia Sultanopoulos, the President of the Athenian Association; Stylianos Poulados, the President of the Macedonia-Thrace Imbrian Union; Pavlos Stamatidis and ESIEA President; Maria Antoniadou.

“I suppose you see painted on our faces the joy and emotion of this evening as we celebrate once again the feast of Our Lady on our island, and we are here tonight in our village,” said his Eminence clearly moved by the occasion.