George Michael’s 16th century house sold for £3.4 million

George Michael’s 16th century house

George Michael’s 16th century house

George Michael's former 16th century home in Goring-on-Thames, a village in Oxfordshire, has been sold for £3.4million (US $4.09 million).

The Wham! frontman passed away in the residence known as the 'Mill Cottage' on Christmas Day in 2016 from heart and liver disease, and the house has since become a popular spot for his fans to visit and pay tribute to him.

After his death, his fans also petitioned for the 'Mill Cottage' to be turned into a museum dedicated to George's life and legacy, with the money going towards the charities the singer supported.

According to Land Registry documents that have recently surfaced, the property was brought by a couple in July and they have already moved in.

Lawyer John Reid, who acts for George’s family and estate confirmed the news that George’s former home has been sold and has asked fans to stop leaving floral tributes outside the home, as well as his other property in Highgate, North London, to allow the new owners privacy.

The popular and talented artist brought the 16th century house for approximately US $1.75 million back in 1999. In 2004, he famously gave a tour of the abode on The Oprah Winfrey Show, nothing that while it is “not exactly spacious…it’s my idea of a beautiful house.”

His favourite place in the house was what George called " the dwelling’s front-facing living room" as he used to sit and work on his computer there. The room also featured a piano that Michael declared “one of my favorite things in the house.”

On the tour, George also showed viewers the library which he added to the residence and was proud to show off as he believed "every house should have a library."

“I'd love to tell you that all the books in this library were Shakespeare or Wordsworth, but most of them are just antique books that we bought in bulk. But I think they're just beautiful, so they're kind of furniture rather than cultural input," he continued.

Out back, the residence also included a fountain, swimming pool, apple trees, a prime view of the 10th-century church next door and a unique sun dial which George received as a 40th birthday present.