Greek Fire Service investigating whether the devastating fire in Evia was started by arsonists

Evia fire

Evia fire

The Greek Fire Service are examining objects and witness reports to determine if the devastating fire in Evia that began on Tuesday, was started by arsonists.

Officers of the Greek fire department's special arson section (DAEE) reportedly found objects used in setting fires such as cloths, plastic parts of jerrycans and accumulated branches and wood. To help in their investigation, they have conducted dozens of witness testimonies by locals.

Current reports also suggest that authorities have arrested and are interrogating four people suspected of arson- two Greek citizens who were detained in the southern and western Peloponnese peninsula and two foreign nationals who were arrested on Chios.

By Friday morning, after firefighters worked all night, there were no active fronts. Six firefighting aircrafts and three helicopters, along with a strong force of firefighters are on the spot to prevent reviving of the fire or new fire fronts.

No casualties, serious injuries or extensive damages in residential zones have been reported, however a large part of the forest, which was part of EU's Natura network of protected areas, has been scorched.

The residents of the four villages that were evacuated on Tuesday, have returned to their homes.