Iranian tanker heads to Greece after it was released from detention off Gibraltar

Adrian Darya 1

Adrian Darya 1

An Iranian tanker is reportedly heading to Greece after it was released from detention off Gibraltar.

The Adrian Darya 1, previously named Grace 1, headed east into the Mediterranean Sea on Monday and according to ship tracking service MarineTraffic, the supertanker is expected to arrive in Kalamata on August 25th.

Iran has also warned the United States against apprehending the supertanker carrying Iranian oil after it was impounded for six weeks by British Marines on suspicion of violating EU sanctions against Syria.

Gibraltar's Supreme Court last Thursday ordered the release of the supertanker after they received written assurances that the ship will not be headed to countries subject to EU sanctions.

Spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi stated that any attempt at seizing the vessel, which has a cargo of 2.1 million barrels of crude oil, would have "grave consequences...If such an action is taken or even if it is stated verbally and not done, it is considered a threat against the maritime security in international waters."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has given necessary warnings to the US officials through official channels, especially the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, not to commit such a mistake because it would have grave consequences," he continued.