Plaque on Alexander the Great statue in Skopje smashed by unknown perpetrators

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Alexander the Great

Hours after authorities in North Macedonia installed a plaque at the base of the statue of Alexander the Great in the center of Skopje, admitting that the conqueror belonged to "ancient Hellenic history and civilisation," unknown perpetrators destroyed the plaque.

The plate stated that "In honour of Alexander the Great, a historic figure belonging to the ancient Hellenic history and civilisation and to the world cultural and historic heritage. Here is presented an equestrian warrior".

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Greece’s former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, who spearheaded the Prespes Agreement, hailed the inscription on the plaque.

“A plaque went up in Skopje under the statue of Alexander the Great saying that he was a Greek hero who belongs to the history of the ancient Greeks,” Kotzias wrote on Twitter.

“This is yet another act of friendship between peoples and a blow against irredentism...It is an answer to all those who cursed me," he continued.