Famous ‘Yiayia next door’ surprised with tickets to see her family in Greece


'Yiayia Next Door'

'Yiayia Next Door' has been surprised with a heartwarming gift, airline tickets to see her family in Greece.

The mysterious famous woman known as the 'Yiayia next door' and whose first name is Nina, has been feeding the young brothers next door for years, Dan and Luke, who adore Yiayia and her Greek cooking.

Yiayia would prepare her 'grandkids' delicious traditional Greek dishes including Fassolada, Fakes and Spanakopita, as well as sweets, fruit and cheeses and give it to the boys over the fence, which they would post daily on the famous Instagram account @YiayiaNextDoor.

Sometimes while handing over the food, yiayia would be yiayia and ask Daniel if he has a girlfriend yet.

When they appeared on the Australian talk show 'The Project' in June to share this heartwarming story, Nina also revealed that she was worried about her sister in Greece who had suffered a stroke, but she wasn't sure if she could afford the tickets.

Moved by Nina's story, FlightCentre generously gifted her and her husband flights to the motherland to reunite Nina with her sister, as well as a brother she hasn't seen in years.

On Monday night, Dan and Luke surprised their 'Yiayia next door' with the tickets and a bottle of Champagne to celebrate.

The brothers uploaded her reaction to Instagram, and we are warning you, tears may stream from your eyes as you hear the joy and warmth in her voice as she can't stop exclaiming how the tickets meant a “big deal” to her.

While 'yiayia next door' is in Greece, the boys might need to download Uber Eats.

*Photo Credit: JOE ARMAO


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