A municipal truck and a motorcycle were involved in a tragic accident in Voula, which resulted in the death of the young motorbike driver.

Police said the driver of the motorcycle, who sadly lost his life, was not wearing a helmet.

Authorities also told media there was a traffic light violation made by the 27-year-old man who died after the accident occurred at 12.40pm on Wednesday at the seaside boulevard in Voula.

According to reports, the truck and motorcycle were involved in the traffic accident at the intersection of Karmanli and Zefyrou Street. The driver of the motorcycle was driving at high speed on the coastal road when he suddenly collided with the truck.

According to information from people who witnessed the tragic accident, the truck was traveling on Zefyrou Street and wanted to turn towards the coastal road, while the driver of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet.

The truck driver was not injured but has been left in a state of shock.