Second man accused of murdering John Macris is extradited to Greece

Screen Shot 2019 08 22 at 10.43.42 pm

Screen Shot 2019 08 22 at 10.43.42 pm

The second man accused of murdering Greek Australian John Macris, arrived in Greece 24 hours ago, as the extradition process was completed.

Late yesterday, Bulgarian police escorted the accused murderer to the border of Greece and took him to Greek police, who drove him to Thessaloniki jail.

According to police authorities, he will shortly be transferred to Athens, where formal criminal charges will be laid.

He is the brother of the 31-year-old Bulgarian man who was arrested in April this year for executing Macris.

According to reports, the second man is accused of helping plan the murder of Macris and driving the killer’s getaway car from Voula, Athens.

Both men, however, maintain their innocence and claim they had no involvement in the killing and have not revealed who ordered his murder.

Bulgarian hitman denies murdering John Macris saying he was “just on holidays” in Greece