Fire on Leros island traps swimmers on the beach

Fire on Leros island traps swimmers on the beach 2

Over 50 people were trapped on a beach in Leros after a huge blaze swept across the Dodecanese island.

The fire broke out at around 12 pm in dry grass near the island’s main port of Laki before spreading to a pine forest.

Authorities were forced to close the road leading to the beach, leaving over 50 people trapped, who have since been rescued by boat.

Leros Hospital was evacuated over fears the fire could continue to spread and the Navy was drafted in to help firefighters.

Leros has no fire brigade of their own and 8 firefighters were immediately transported from Athens, who were assisted by the navy. A helicopter was also flown in from Samos to drop water and volunteers also worked to control the blaze.

Some reports claim the fire may have been started by a cigarette and the fire spread due to very strong 26mph winds and temperatures of 29C.

Local police are currently investigating how the fire started.

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