New mayor of Athens pledges "to be a servant to Athenians"

Kostas Bakoyannis

Kostas Bakoyannis

The new Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis took his oath of office on Sunday, pledging "to be a servant to Athenians" and turn the crisis-battered capital into "a safe, clean and bright" European metropolis.

The swearing-in which was officiated by the Archbishop of Athens took place in the open, at Plato's Academy park, and not at the city hall, as is the custom.

Bakoyannis made this decision as he wanted to show, literally and symbolically, that from the first moment of his duties he would serve the interests of the public.

"Today I had a great honor in my life so far to be sworn in as the 46th mayor of Athens. I promise that during the next four years I will not be a ruler, but servant of Athenians," he said addressing the crowd.

"We want to present Athens as a new, modern European metropolitan city, a city which is safe and bright, with social justice and democracy, a city where one will not be struggling to survive, but want to live in. (We want) a city where everyone has a place, a city uniting us all. Those living here, working here, visiting her, loving her," he added.

Bakoyannis is the son of former mayor Dora Bakoyannis and nephew of Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

*Image credit: Protothema