Average Greek daily wage at a mere 51.28 euros

pinigai 77408909

pinigai 77408909

Official figures released on Tuesday reveal the average monthly and daily wage for workers in full-time jobs in Greece was 1,182.39 euros and 51.28 euros, respectively, in February.

Meanwhile workers in part-time jobs, the earned an average monthly salary of 396.11 euros and 24.51 euros daily.

The figures showed that men accounted for 54.14% of insured workers in all enterprises and 53.37% in common enterprises.

Men also accounted for 57.28% of employees in full-time jobs and 45.05% in part-time jobs.

A 21.89% of insured workers is employed in the wholesale/retail commerce sector, 13.03 pct in manufacturing and 12.84% in hotels/restaurants. Office workers accounted for 22.43% of all insured workers in common enterprises.