Frangoulis & Mccann: Classic Jazz at the Irodion  

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The incredible voices of Greek tenor Marios Frangoulis and American jazz diva Tammy Mccann will fill the night air under the Acropolis tonight, with the swinging musical accompaniment of the capital’s Big Band Orchestra, conducted by Lukas Karytinos.

A magical mix for jazz lovers - of which there have emerged a heightened number in Athens over the last few decades - the concert, titled ‘Blue Skies’ will be hosted at the ancient Odeon of Herod Atticus amphitheatre, which dates back to over 2,000 years ago and has been the performance venue for some of the world’s most dazzling singers, dancers, musicians and actors.

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*Mario Frangoulis

Frangoulis has created a global identity as an opera singer as well as an artist who’s voice seamlessly adapts to classics from musicals, jazz repertoires, Greek classics and more. Mccann, who is performing in Athens for the first time, says of her collaboration with Frangoulis: “Mario and I met in New York. A dear friend of mine and Mario's Broadway producer Kati Meister brought us together. She always envisioned this night and now it's coming to fruition. Mario is such a collaborative spirit. I've worked with many people over the years and he leaves room for you to find your own rhythm. He's such an exceptional artist he has the ability to weave in and out of song, style, and genre effortlessly. It also helps that we just have a lot of fun!”

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*Tammy McCann

The Blue Skies Concert will be bringing the rhythms of the Great American Songbook to the Athenian public. Frangoulis and Mccann will perform all-time beloved songs known to us by maestros such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and Nina Simone.

Indeed, “The Great American Song Book” is being performed live for the first time since the performance by Frank Sinatra in Greece some 20 years ago. Songs such as “Strangers in the night”, “Unforgettable”, Mona Lisa, “When I fall in love”, “Autumn leaves”, “Dream a Little Dream of me”, as well as “I get a Kick Out of You”, “My Baby just Cares for Me”, Blue Skies” and “So in Love” (a song Mario performed with Lara Fabian for the movie Delovely) are just a few of the songs to be enjoyed at this star-lit, al fresco night.

Of her first time performing in Athens and at the Irodion theatre, Mccann says: “This is my first time in Athens, and I've been thrilled from the moment I stepped off the plane. So much history that's so accessible you feel as though you're walking back in time...There are no words to describe the enormity of the honour of performing at the Odeon of Herod Atticus. It'll be a special evening for all of us, as Mario and I come together with one voice asking you to “come with us on this musical journey."

Alexia Amvrazi

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