Greece Summer Memories of 2019

Greece Summer Memories of 2019 1

Greece Summer Memories of 2019 5

Just like that 92 days of Summer in Greece for 2019 are over.

But the days haven’t been marked off the calendar without having created endless memories that will forever be cherished and relived through photos and videos.

Greece is definitely one of the number one destinations in the world for summer time, when people from all around the globe hit the Aegean sea to enjoy everything Greece has to offer and celebrities are no exception!

Greece Summer Memories of 2019 6

When one thinks of a Grecian summer, they think of stunning golden sand, crystal-clear waters, mouthwatering Greek summer produce, pumping nightlife scene, laid-back lifestyle and the bouzoukia where you can sing and dance all night long with the most popular Greek singers and artists.

And how can we forget sipping a frappe or freddo espresso while relaxing at the mesmerising beaches as you breathe in that Grecian air.

There are no words to describe Greece in Summer apart from pure magic, and even that doesn’t cut it.

Greece Summer Memories of 2019 7

*Here are some video memories from GCT’s summer in Greece 2019-


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