Indian student publishes a magazine promoting Thessaloniki after falling in love with the city

Kushal S. Mehta

A 26-year-old Indian student, Kushal S. Mehta has published an online magazine written in English, to promote Thessaloniki and inspire others to visit, after he himself fell in love with the city.

The student from the International Hellenic University located in Thessaloniki, is currently completing his post-graduate degree in Tourism Studies after arriving in Greece’s second-largest city two years ago.

“I fell in love with this city but found that, unfortunately, it is unknown to most foreigners, who only know Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos,” he said in an interview with ANA.

He further notes that he is impressed by the “beautiful and vibrant city, with its relaxed pace and the people who are always eager to help others.”

The online magazine titled SIGMAG, aims not only to create a “bridge between Greece and Asia”, but “to make the city known in even more countries because it’s really worth it,” the young Indian student stated.

With the help of friends and volunteers, he published the first edition of the online SIG Magazine devoted to the northern city of Greece, which you can read here.

As he prepares to release the second edition of the magazine, he invites his readership to support the running and future of the online magazine.

According to Kushal S. Mehta, more than 5,000 people from 62 countries have visited SIGMAG.

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