Unemployment in Greece on the decrease but still highest in Eurozone

office people queue employment.si

office people queue employment.si

According to the latest figures released by Eurostat, the Greek unemployment rate fell to 17.2% of the workforce in May this year from 19.4% in May 2018, but remained the highest rate in the Eurozone.

Meanwhile the unemployment rate in the Eurozone was 7.5% in July, unchanged from June, but down from 8.1% in July 2018, remaining the lowest unemployment rate since July 2008.

In the EU28, the unemployment rate was 6.3%, unchanged from June but down 6.8% in July 2018. Eurostat said a total of 15,613,000 men and women in the EU28 were unemployed in July, of which 12,322,000 were unemployed in the Eurozone.

The Czech Republic (2.1%) and Germany (3%) recorded the lowest unemployment rates. Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovakia and Spain recorded the biggest percentage declines in the unemployment rates.

In the Eurozone, the unemployment rate among young people (aged below 25 years) was 15.6% in July from 16.7 in July 2018 and in the EU28 it was 14.3%from 15.0 pct.