British father killed and wife seriously injured after hit and run in Halkidiki



Greek authorities are on the hunt for a driver who killed a British dad and left his wife seriously injured while on holiday with their two children in Halkidiki, Greece.

The incident occurred shortly before 20:30 local time on Sunday when the couple along with their two children were attempting to cross a boulevard just over 3km away from the Alexander the Great Beach Hotel where the family were staying.

According to reports, the children had reached the other side of the road when a car travelling at great speed hit the married couple and dragged the 57-year-old dad for several meters.

Witnesses told police that the car then sped away from the scene following the crash.

The British dad was pronounced dead by emergency doctors who rushed to the scene in an ambulance, while his wife was transferred to Halkidiki General Hospital in Polygyros after suffering sever injuries to her limbs.

The two children who watched in horror as their parents were hit, were reportedly unharmed.

Police have launched a nationwide appeal for witnesses with any information to come forward.