WWII veteran breaks his own world record as the oldest scuba diver

Ray Woolley

Ray Woolley

96-year-old British World War II veteran, Ray Woolley has broken his own world record as the oldest scuba diver, diving at the popular Zenobia wreck off Cyprus’ southern coast.

The great-grandfather celebrated his 96th birthday last week by exploring the shipwreck site for 48 minutes at a depth of 42.4 metres.

His previous record was 40.6 metres for 44 minutes.

Ray was joined by 47 other divers and stated that he's hopeful that he’ll be in good health next year to break another record.

"Its just unbelievable. I’ve been diving now for 59 years and these are the sort of dives that you remember because there are so many divers with you," he said.

The WWII veteran aims to keep diving until he reaches 100-years-old. His dives are chronicled in a documentary titled “Life Begins at 90.”