Hive CEO states that "we will be here to serve the needs of consumers"



Hive, the second-largest electric scooter company will now be available to ride in Thessaloniki, after they first launched in Athens March this year.

According to Hive's website, when you share a scooter and explore the city, you will love it! "Get the app, rent your personal electric scooter vehicle and discover the city from a new perspective. It’s super easy and riding the stylish e-scooter will bring a smile on your face. Look out for the gecko green scooters now and give it a try."

In an interview with ANA, Hive CEO Tristán Torres Velat stated his intentions to invest and grow in Greece. "We are happy to be in Thessaloniki. We know it is a vibrant city: a city of business, research and with a great historical heritage."

"We will be here to serve the needs of consumers. Our policy is to match demand with supply. Therefore, we will always have the necessary fleet to support the need of Thessaloniki residents, visitors and tourists for a safe, clean and fast transport solution in the city," he continued.

E-scooter companies offer short-term rentals to get from point A to point B, an alternative to public transport, the car, Uber or walking.

Pricing for Hive: 1 € to unlock and 0,15 €/min

"The market is tough, competitive, but promising. After all, the e-scooters sector in Greece is one year old. This means that we are still observing the resilience, weaknesses and strong points of the market. So we have to wait to see, without ignoring the original results (of their use) in Europe and worldwide," Hive CEO said.