Greek rock singer Lavrentis Machairitsas passes away aged 62

Screen Shot 2019 09 09 at 4.58.43 pm

Screen Shot 2019 09 09 at 4.58.43 pm

The Greek music industry has been left shocked and saddened with the news that popular rock singer Lavrentis Machairitsas passed away today at the age of 62.

Reports claim the 62-year-old was rushed to hospital overnight after suffering a sudden heart attack at his home. He was later pronounced dead by doctors at Volos Hospital.

There was no previous mention of a medical condition and the talented artist was preparing to perform on Tuesday, with Nikos Portokaloglou at Herodion, for a charity event "Together for the Child.”

The legendary Greek musician, who was the lead singer of the band 'Termites' was born in Volos in the Thessaly region and his music is loved by people of all ages.

Some of his most popular songs include “Poso Se Thelo”, “Petheno Gia Sena” and “Enas Tourkos Sto Parisi.”