Greeks living abroad may soon be able to vote from overseas



Greek citizens living abroad may soon be able to vote from overseas, as Greek Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos announced on Monday that the Greek government will publish a bill giving the Greek diaspora the right to vote from their place of residence.

The new bill, which will be ready in October 2019, will allow Greeks abroad to vote via postal vote, meaning they will no longer need to travel back to Greece in order for their vote to count.

"The Prime Minister said that he will have meetings with the other political parties leader so that this measure provided by law is voted in 2019. I will reiterate that we expect all the 300 members of the parliament to support it," Minister Theodorikakos told SKAI radio.

"We are letting Greeks all over the world know about the Greek government’s determination regarding this matter. When the time comes, we will inform them of the parliament's decision to facilitate them on voting via post from the country of their residence. It is time for Greece to enter the club of the civilised and advanced countries in terms of the elections procedure and this will be achieved in 2019 as the Prime Minister himself announced," Theodorikakos added.