President Honours UK Professor for contribution to Greek culture

Macleod Beaton

Macleod Beaton

Greece’s President Prokopis Pavlopoulos honoured Professor Macleod Beaton, Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History at the University of London, at a special ceremony at the Presidential Mansion on Monday.

The President awarded Beaton, with the Order of Honour for his work and research of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature.

"From your whole contribution, I would like to refer to two points: One related to the research in the formation of the Greek National Consciousness and one that proves that Byzantium and its civilisation not only should not be considered part of the Middle Ages, but without the Byzantine spiritual contribution we would not have reached the Renaissance, with the characteristics it eventually acquired," said the President.

Pavlopoulos also expressed the conviction that Beaton's contribution does not only concern Greece, but also the European education in general, and consequently the European culture, considering that the first and most important pillar of our common European culture is Ancient Greece and its Cultural Heritage in general, from its beginnings to the conditions that its timeless evolution constantly creates.