Military missiles go missing from Greek navy base on Leros island

Screen Shot 2019 09 11 at 10.44.11 am

Screen Shot 2019 09 11 at 10.44.11 am

Greece’s navy authorities announced that “Military material" has gone missing from a naval facility on the Greek island of Leros.

According to reports, anti-tank missiles, ammunition, and grenades were taken from the facility and military and police officials are now looking into the disappearance of the material from the eastern Aegean island.

The statement made by authorities claims there were no signs of forced entry into the area where the equipment was being kept, reportedly prompting investigators that it may be an inside job.

The country's anti-terrorism police are also involved in the inquiry.

This is the most serious armed robbery incident that has taken place in a Greek military unit since 2002 when unknown perpetrators entered a Kos army base and stole three rifles, seventeen 45s, and three automatic G3s.