The body of a 26-year-old British tourist who went missing in the mountains of Pindus in northern Greece has been found by search and rescue teams.

A pilot flying a helicopter brought in to help search for the man, discovered the body of Robert Frome, on the slopes of a ravine in the Pindus mountain range. Police said an operation was underway on Thursday to remove his body from steep and rocky terrain.

“He has been found dead, unfortunately,” Theodoros Chronopoulos, a police spokesman, said. “It appears that he slipped and fell, but we still don’t know that for certain.”

The paralegal assistant had been missing since Sunday, and the search had been made difficult as his mobile phone was switched off, not allowing rescuers to pinpoint where he was located.

He was reported missing by his father after the young man failed to return to the hotel they were staying in, in the town of Konitsa.

Police found his hire car parked close to the village of Mikro Papigo on Monday and it was late on Wednesday when the emergency rescue services located him.

Police authorities said the man’s body is in a difficult location and they are waiting for specialists to arrive on Friday to recover the body.