Greek short films travel around the world

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"Our goal is to shed some light on the short film genre in Greece and worldwide, to promote young Greek artists’ work and to unite Greeks all over the world," says Simos Kyparissopoulos, actor and founder of MicroμFestival.

Simos has worked in TV, theater, and cinema, as an actor and producer. He is also the administrator of the Non-Profit Organisation KATOPTRON and a member of the Greek Actors Society.

Micro μFestival is the fastest-growing independent short film festival in Greece, which was launched in Athens in 2011. After receiving a warm welcome and positive feedback, it became an annual Festival, celebrating the creative work of young directors.

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"The short film genre is not very popular in Greece and this was the reason I initiated the Festival; I wanted to communicate it to a wider audience and familiarize people with it. Furthermore, I aim to show the high level of work of young Greek directors to as many cities as possible, all over the world."

 "We started in 2011 with screenings in Athens and gradually we expanded the network of cities participating in it; we added two every year. Besides Athens, it was Chania, Ptolemaida, Rhodes, Corfu, Patra and more, but also, Berlin, Paris, New York, Alexandria, Copenhagen," highlights Simos.

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What makes Micro μFestival special is the fact that it simultaneously plays films in all participating cities. It takes place on the same day and time. According to the founder, this enables audiences to connect at the same time.

"We are also impressed by how people react from place to place; there are completely different reactions in Athens, Patra or Paris to the same film. It’s impressive and very interesting; it shows us how people engage with each story. Take the refugee crisis, for example. People react and engage differently in every city." 

Micro μFestival was born during the Greek financial crisis, so inevitably, all films mirror society’s various challenges, from the directors’ point of view. "At first, the main subject was the financial crisis. Then, artists started recording issues such as the ethical crisis, how it affects families and human relationships, and what is the way out. Directors create what they see and feel; all films mirror the society we live in," Simos points out. 

A jury committee composed by popular Greek actors, film critics and directors will select the final 15 films, which will be screened during this year's Festival. After simultaneously watching the films, audiences vote for their favorite; and this one wins a prize.

Stay tuned and if you live in the above cities, give a warm welcome to this very interesting initiative! 

Micro μFestival will take place in October 2019.

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