Migration Minister meets EU Ambassadors

George Koumoutsakos

George Koumoutsakos

Greece’s Alternate Citizen Protection Minister responsible for Migration, George Koumoutsakos, on Thursday met with Ambassadors of EU state-members to Greece.

During the meeting that was held at the European Parliament offices in Athens, Koumoutsakos reiterated that the migration issue is not a Greek but mostly a European matter and should be addressed as such.

Additonally he underlined that the EU member-states should assist in a better protection of the borders and the fair distribution of the burden among the European partners and said that, for this reason, Greece fully supports effective European redistribution and return mechanisms.

On the EU-Turkey agreement, which Koumoutsakos said was of huge importance, he noted that all the parties involved should actively assume their responsibilities: Turkey must root out the trafficking rings and not allow the opening of new corridors to Europe, Greece must proceed with a substantial returns policy and Europe must also do its part.