Intoxicated migrants in Kos attack police officers and hospital staff



A riot broke out at around 6 pm on Saturday afternoon at the Registration and Identification Center in the village of Pyli in Kos, where there is an overflow of illegal migrants that are currently residing on the island.

The situation has been tense for quite some time, with over 150 illegal immigrants, mostly from Cameroon and Somalia protesting about their living conditions. Over the weekend several migrant men attacked local police officers, responsible for guarding them and the road outside the premises.

As soon as the attacks began, a large police force reached the hotspot but were stopped by furious migrants who were intoxicated. According to, illegal migrants, most of whom were under the influence of alcohol, threw stones at police vehicles, which caused damage to the cars. Police officers intervened with teargas to try and control the riots, arresting five people from Cameroon.

First aid assistants, as well as police officers and other migrants were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries.

According to local reports, two of the migrants who were taken to Hippocrates Hospital and given the all clear by doctors then turned on hospital staff, abusing nurses and doctors before being arrested and taken away by police.