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Thousands of students gathered in downtown Athens on Friday and marched against climate change, joining their voices with the rest of the worldwide student movement ‘Fridays For Future,’ a protest against the inadequate response to the climate crisis.

With slogans like “We want change”, “Climate change, why don’t we change?”, “And the dinosaurs thought they had time”, “Let’s act now” and “To give you a lesson, we lose ours”, students started marching from Syntagma Square and headed towards Monastiraki through Ermou Street.

“We are a global student movement and we protest against the inadequate response to the climate crisis, which we undoubtedly find ourselves in,” the students shouted.

“We need the help of all of you and would like to you all to be present at Syntagma Square on Friday 27 September at 12:00. Students will not only protest in the capital of our country, but also in other cities across Greece, such as Chania, Larissa, Kalamata, Patras and Thessaloniki,” said the students.

Commenting on the students’ protest on Friday, Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wrote on his Twitter post, “protecting the environment is an issue which finds us united.”

“We have so much to do: get rid of plastics and carbon, protect forests, switch to less harmful energy sources. I congratulate our students on today’s mobilization,” PM Mitsotakis wrote.