Over 50 sets of twins turned up to the first Pan-Hellenic twins meeting, which took place on Sunday in Trikala, celebrating a very special bond that is shared by the offsprings.

At Agios Giorgios Park in Trikala, twins from all over Greece gathered on Sunday from 11am until 7pm to participate in the 1st Pan-Hellenic Twins Meeting, which featured many activities, including expert lectures and competitions for the Didima (twins).

The meeting was organised by the Trikala Twins Association and the Trikala Municipality, after the idea was suggested to them by twin sisters Katerina and Athanasia Falia, from the Corinthian village, who hope after the great success it will now be a great annual event.

The sisters told reporters that from a young age they were always fascinated with multiple births and wanted to know how other twins felt about the special bond they shared with their other half.

Katerina pointed out this was a chance to “meet others in the same position and to exchange experiences about being a twin”.  The response was very positive as dozens of twins of all ages dressed in the same clothes and went along to celebrate.

At noon there was also a competition held with a winner chosen for who looked most alike and also which twins were least similar looking in features.