Greece's famous biscuits loved by people worldwide

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Papadopoulos is one of Greece’s most famous food companies. Founded in Athens in 1922 by the Papadopoulos family, it is mostly known for its delicious Caprice Wafers and other biscuits that can be found in Greek households worldwide.

The 100% Greek-owned company currently maintains four factories in Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Oinofyta, as well as a central warehouse in the west of Attica (Aspropyrgos area).

The family-run business exports to 40 countries and has been honoured with various Greek and international awards for its success.

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Its history dates back many years, when, in 1916, the first Papadopoulos cookie was prepared in the kitchen of the Papadopoulos family in Constantinople, and was marked with a simple wooden seal.

In 1922, following the catastrophic events in Asia Minor, the family relocated to Athens and started the production of biscuits in Greece.

Fast forward to 2019 and the company has about 1,200 workers and a huge range of products on offer.

Papadopoulos is very popular amongst people of all ages and apart from their Caprice sticks, the other well-known items include: Petit Beurre, Gemista, Miranda, Cream Crackers, Digestive, Krispies and Traditional Village Rusks, which have become favourites among generations of Greeks.

They are, in fact, the leader in the biscuit industry in Greece and a strong player in the bread substitute segment with their Rusks, Breadsticks, and Krispies.

With strength in innovation and growth, the company continues to expand into new product categories and has ventured into the field of cereal bars, with the Digestive Bar becoming the first-ever cereal bar to be made with biscuits. In 2013, the company extended its presence in the Greek market with the launch of packaged sliced bread.

The Greek company has become popular in the foreign market and is currently present in more than forty countries across five continents, with the Caprice Wafers leading the way!