No Greeks stranded from Thomas Cook meltdown

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook

Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry, issued a statement on Tuesday asserting that there are no stranded Greek clients of failed tour operator Thomas Cook.

“There do not appear to be any cases of Greek clients of Thomas Cook having problems returning to Greece," said the statement sourcing information gathered by Greek diplomatic and consular authorities abroad.

In its statement, the Ministry assured the public that it "has closely monitored, from the outset, the issues that have arisen since the cessation of operations of the Thomas Cook company and, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the diplomatic and consular authorities of the countries represented in our country, has taken steps to address as best as possible any problems that may arise."

The statement comes following the collapse of world known tour operator Thomas Cook which left hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded around the world including Greece where it operated and in many cases such as Greek islands like Crete operated 70% of the incoming tourism deals.