‘Huge waves’ of migrants continue arriving in Greece, causing chaos across the Aegean

ploio prosfyges lesvos boreia ellada 800

ploio prosfyges lesvos boreia ellada 800

The European Commission announced on Tuesday, 24th of September, it was aware of the high increase of migrants coming illegally from Turkey into Greece but dismissed any immediate plans for a possible new migration deal with Ankara.

Greece’s authorities announced in less than 48 hours, more than 830 migrants have been either rescued from the sea by the coastguard or reached the shores by themselves.

Around 60 of these migrants arrived at Lemnos on Tuesday and were transported to Lesvos by boat. According to official data, 75 people also arrived at Chios and 20 others made their way to Samos.

The North Aegean Police Directorate revealed that over 830 new migrants were registered at reception facilities in less than 48 hours.

Local Mayors' whose islands have been most affected by the migrant crisis have stressed that emergency measures need to be put in place to deal with the high number of men, women, and children, arriving from Turkey, amid mounting fears of the 2015 migrant crisis being replayed on the Aegean.

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*Migrants on the streets of Symi

On Wednesday morning, 300 migrants were being moved from Lesvos and Chios to Piraeus, while Symi’s Mayor Lefteris Papakalodoukas also called for immediate action after 300 migrants arrived on the small island from Turkey, which is a short boat ride away.

Around 150 of these migrants will be moved to Kos and Leros, however, Papakalodoukas said this was unacceptable, following his repeated complaints that hundreds of illegal immigrants were sleeping on the streets of the island, which takes pride in its beauty.

The Ministry of Citizen's Protection has also announced that around 380 migrants will be moved from Samos to Piraeus, while hundreds more will also arrive in Athens from Lesvos and Chios over the next few days to try and take some pressure off the burdened islands.

Turkey's President Erdoğan has repeatedly said he would flood Europe with migrants because aid money was not coming and over the last few weeks Greece has been bearing the brunt of it.

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