“Timelapse of Greece”, a short and highly sensational film directed by Sotiris Konstantinidis (VIDEO)

Sotiris Konstantinidis

Sotiris Konstantinidis

Greek film director, Sotiris Konstantinidis has released a must see short and highly sensational film titled “Timelapse of Greece”, in collaboration with his good friend, screenwriter George Gerontopoulos.

In a statement posted to his Facebook page, Sotiris noted that George “wrote the script with great zeal and warmth, while I brought speech into life and turned the imaginary worlds into picture, music and movement. And in that way today I’m presenting you with great honour, as well as with a feeling of responsibility for the productions that will follow in the future, the idea called “Timelapse of Greece”. Never before have I imagined how much life and soul you can get through the creation of a 20-minute film. To me as a director, the print that has already left on me is neither the final result, nor even the technical experience that I have acquired filming it. It’s this unique journey to this day, a beautiful “Odyssia” full of real people, original thoughts, adventures, acquaintances, amazing cooperations, even incredible omens. So I’ll leave you to get acquainted with the first journey towards my own cinematic Ithaca.”

Half of the locations seen in the film were shot in Ainos (the tallest mountain in the Ioanian island of Kefalonia ) and in some lakes in the Melissani area.

*Watch “Timelapse of Greece” here-