Athens’ new Mayor Bakoyannis sends touching message to his late Dad, who was killed 30 years ago today

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On September 23, 1989, two gunmen from the November 17 terrorist group shot and killed New Democracy MP and journalist Pavlos Bakoyannis.

The 54-year-old was shot at least six times as he entered an elevator in the building housing his private office.

As they fled, the gunmen tossed out leaflets with the sign of November 17 printed on them, the Greek terrorist group that was behind many murders.

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*Pavlos Bakoyannis was assassinated on September 26, 1989

At the time, Bakoyannis was head of the New Democracy parliamentary group and adviser to then-president of New Democracy Konstantinos Mitsotakis, who was the main opposition leader and Bakoyannis’ father in law.

Bakoyannis was the husband of Mitsotakis’ daughter, Dora, who took his last name. His murder by the November 17 gunmen in the heart of Athens, shook the political world and the Mitsotakis family.

*Athens new Mayor, Kostas Bakoyannis

Bakoyannis was born in 1935 in a village of Velota in western Greece. He turned to journalism after studying in Greece and West Germany, where he received a doctorate in political science.

After the military takeover of Greece, Bakoyannis became one of the most ardent opponents of that regime. In 1967 he became head of the Greek section of the German radio agency Deutsche-Welle, living in Munich.

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*Dora, Pavlos, and their children Alexia and Kostas

The late MP left behind his wife Dora, also a politician, and children Alexia and Kostas, who was recently elected the new Mayor of Athens.

Today, marking the 30 year anniversary of his father’s death, the Athens’ Mayor posted a photo of his father holding a young Kostas, with a message, “Thirty years now and every day I think about one thing. If I am making you proud. I hope I can achieve that.”

Many of Bakoyannis’ followers have left comments for the new Mayor assuring him, his late father has plenty to be proud of and telling him to continue his great work.