Father Alexandros grows fruit and vegetables at his Monastery to feed the poor 

mitropolitis kalliergei lachanika kai froyta kai ta moirazei se ftochoys 1

mitropolitis kalliergei lachanika kai froyta kai ta moirazei se ftochoys 1

His Eminence Alexandros (Papadopoulos) of Mantineia and Kynouria grows a wide variety of fruit and vegetables at his Monastery, Agios Nikolaos, which he then picks and distributes to charities in Tripolis, to ensure the organic food is given to people in need.

“We give it to charities first. We have three nursing homes here in Tripolis, we have a kindergarten with 200 children, we also have a blind women ‘s society and we have the ‘Poor Brother’ s basket’ program,” Father Alexandros told ANT1 Television.

Metropolitan Alexandros spends a lot of time on the farm and has made it one of his key jobs to manage the crop on his Monastery and to ensure he gets an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables, which are distributed equally to people who need it most.

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Along with many volunteers, Father Alexandros can be found on the farm on any given day, picking vegetables, riding a tractor and making sure the food is distributed to local charities.

“We need to love our land, as we live on our land and it gives us so much. However, we need to nurture it,” stresses Father Alexandros. “I really want to help as many people as I can by feeding them from our farm,” he adds.

Metropolitan Alexandros was born in 1936 in Papari, Arcadia. He studied theology in Athens before his ordination as a deacon in 1968. He has ordained a priest in 1969. In 1976, Father Alexandros was appointed the secretary of the conciliar courts.

In 1984, Fr. Alexander was elected to the episcopate and was consecrated the metropolitan of the Metropolis of Nafpaktos and Agios Vasilioson in 1984. In 1995, Metropolitan Alexandros was transferred to Mantinia and Kinouria and enthroned on in 1995 as the Metropolitan of Mantinia and Kinouria.

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